Conference Track

Under the general theme Innovation, creativity and development: Strategies for inclusiveness and Sustainability research papers will be presented under the following  fifteen Globelics themes:

  1. Innovation in the health sector: challenges and opportunities for inclusiveness and sustainability
  2. University relationships with industry and society.
  3. Indigenous knowledge, informal sector, innovation and development
  4. Gender, innovation and development
  5. Science, technology, innovation policy and politics
  6. Intellectual property rights, innovation and development
  7. National and regional innovation system
  8. Technological infrastructure and technological capabilities
  9. Sectoral innovation system, industrial policy and development
  10. Trade, foreign direct investments, value chains and innovation network
  11. Innovation management and entrepreneurship
  12. Agricultural innovation system
  13. Science, technology, innovation and the sustainable development goals
  14. Creative industries and economic development
  15. The role of social media in relation to innovation and development

Special Session

There will be seven special sessions on the topics of relevance for innovation, STI-policy and development strategies:

  1. “The political economy of structural change within innovation system: a strategy for sustainable and inclusive development”, co-organised by SPRU and IDS.
  2. “Agricultural Innovation System”, co-organised by Globelics and local organisers.
  3. “Creative Cities”, organised by local organisers.
  4. “Universities, commodification, globalisation and knowledge production”, organised  by Globelics
  5. “Industralisation in Developing Asia and Indonesia in particular”, organised by UNU-MERIT.
  6. “STI-Policies and the UN SDGs”, co-organised by UNCTAD and Globelics.
  7. “ASEAN Panel on Science, Technology and Innovation”, organised by local organiser.